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Keep the Kids Entertained:
Tips from Your West Kelowna Hotel

“Are we there yet?” You’ve probably heard this classic refrain in a movie, or perhaps you’ve experienced it firsthand while driving with your own kids to your West Kelowna hotel. Either way, every parent can relate to it. Keeping children entertained while travelling can feel like a tall challenge, but it doesn’t have to.

Whether you’re in transit, or you’ve already arrived at your holiday destination, there are a number of useful tips that will help ensure your kids enjoy their time away from home as much as you do.

Portable Entertainment

Most parents would agree it’s wise to limit the amount of TV children watch. But when it comes to travelling for hours at a time with nothing but the scenery of the Trans-Canada Highway to keep them occupied, it might not be a bad idea to indulge them with a little extra screen time.

If you have a vehicle with built-in monitors, you’re good to go. If not, consider bringing along a portable device, such as:

  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Portable DVD player
  • Smartphone

Just remember to bring headphones so you don’t have to listen to Paw Patrol throughout the journey. Car chargers are also a must for longer trips.

Kids + West Kelowna Hotels with Waterslides = Winning

Children and water make for great family entertainment, especially if you book a West Kelowna hotel with a waterslide. After being cooped up in a car all day, or if you’re trying to wind the kids down before bed, there’s nothing quite like spending some quality time in the pool.

If your kids are old enough to swim unsupervised, you can sneak off to the hot tub and enjoy your own downtime.

Explore the Okanagan

There is no shortage of things to do in the Okanagan Valley. If you’re staying at a hotel in West Kelowna, you’ll find many activities and tourism attractions within easy reach, no matter what time of year it is.

In summer, you could:

  • Spend time at the beach on Okanagan Lake
  • Rent a boat to go fishing or skiing
  • Go for a hike or cycle (we highly recommend the Myra Canyon Trestles)
  • Explore Kelowna’s downtown shops and restaurants
  • Tour local orchards and vineyards

In winter, you could:

Choose Suitable Accommodation

Many West Kelowna hotels offer an array of room and suite options. Choosing the one that fits your family is a worthwhile investment. For instance, if you’ve got younger children, you can probably get away with a standard queen room, as they usually come with a pullout sofa bed where the little ones can hunker down. For older children, you’ll probably want to consider a double queen, or better yet, a business suite with a separate bedroom.

If you’re looking for an affordable West Kelowna hotel that’s close to local attractions, call the Best Western Plus Wine Country at 1-888-348-2227.