Insider Secrets for Scoring Upgrades at Hotels

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We all love the feeling of getting an unexpected upgrade when checking into a hotel. The extra space, premium amenities, and added luxury can elevate your entire travel experience. But how can you increase your chances of scoring those coveted upgrades? In this blog post, we will reveal some insider secrets that can help you snag upgrades at hotels and make your stay even more memorable.

Insider Secrets for Scoring Upgrades at Hotels
Insider Secrets for Scoring Upgrades at Hotels

1. Join the loyalty program:

One of the easiest ways to increase your chances of an upgrade is to join the hotel’s loyalty program. Loyalty members often receive preferential treatment, including complimentary room upgrades based on availability. Make sure to sign up for the program before your stay and start earning points to unlock even more benefits.

2. Travel during off-peak periods:

Timing is everything when it comes to scoring upgrades. Hotels are more likely to have available rooms and suites during off-peak periods, such as weekdays or seasons with lower tourist traffic. Take advantage of this by planning your trips accordingly. Not only will you have a higher chance of an upgrade, but you may also benefit from lower rates.

3. Book directly with the hotel:

Booking directly with the hotel instead of through third-party websites can significantly increase your chances of an upgrade. By interacting directly with the hotel staff, you can express your preferences and inquire about any available upgrade options. Additionally, many hotels prioritize direct bookings when it comes to offering upgrades to their guests.

4. Special occasions and celebrations:

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, let the hotel know in advance. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, hotels are often more inclined to offer complimentary upgrades as a gesture of goodwill. Be sure to mention your celebration when making the reservation and again during check-in to increase your chances of an upgrade.

5. Be polite and friendly:

A positive and friendly attitude can go a long way in securing an upgrade. Treat the hotel staff with respect and engage in pleasant conversations during check-in. Building a rapport with the front desk personnel can create a lasting impression, increasing the likelihood of an upgrade if available.

6. Arrive early or check-in late:

Arriving early or checking in late can help you secure an upgrade. Hotels often allocate upgrades based on availability and if there are empty premium rooms, you may have a better chance of being offered one. However, keep in mind that this tactic may not always work, especially during peak periods or if the hotel has a strict check-in time policy.

7. Be a repeat guest:

If you have stayed at a particular hotel before, let them know. Hotels value repeat guests and are more likely to reward loyalty with complimentary upgrades. Ensure that you mention your previous stays when making your reservation, as this can increase your chances of being granted an upgrade.


Scoring an upgrade at a hotel can turn an ordinary stay into an extraordinary experience. By joining the loyalty program, traveling during off-peak periods, booking directly with the hotel, celebrating special occasions, being polite and friendly, arriving early or checking in late, and being a repeat guest, you significantly increase your chances of enjoying those luxurious perks and amenities. Follow these insider secrets, and you might just find yourself in a spacious suite or a room with breathtaking views, creating unforgettable memories during your hotel stay.


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