Kelowna: Luxury Hotels in Kelowna

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Kelowna, nestled in the picturesque Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, is a destination known for its natural beauty, vineyards, and outdoor activities. For travelers seeking an elevated experience, the city offers a selection of luxurious hotels that cater to the discerning guest. In this article, we’ll take a journey through the lap of luxury in Kelowna, exploring the opulent accommodations and indulgent experiences these hotels have to offer.

Lakeside Elegance at The Cove Lakeside Resort

Overview: Situated on the shores of Okanagan Lake, The Cove Lakeside Resort is a haven of lakeside elegance. Guests can indulge in spacious suites with lake-view balconies, a private beach, and a full-service spa. The resort’s Bonfire Restaurant offers a delectable dining experience with panoramic lake views.

Unparalleled Vineyard Views at The Wine Country Inn

Overview: For wine enthusiasts, The Wine Country Inn provides an exclusive retreat. This boutique hotel is surrounded by vineyards and offers guests the opportunity to explore the Okanagan’s wine culture. The stylish suites and vineyard-view patios create an intimate atmosphere.

Mediterranean Charm at Hotel Eldorado

Overview: Hotel Eldorado exudes Mediterranean charm with its lakeside location and luxurious amenities. This historic hotel combines classic elegance with modern comforts. Guests can savor exquisite dining at the Eldorado Dining Room, known for its culinary excellence.

Contemporary Luxury at Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort

Overview: Overlooking Okanagan Lake, the Delta Hotels by Marriott Grand Okanagan Resort offers contemporary luxury in the heart of Kelowna. With an on-site casino, full-service spa, and a lakeside pool, guests have access to a wide range of indulgent experiences.

Lakeside Serenity at Manteo Resort Waterfront Hotel & Villas

Overview: Manteo Resort Waterfront Hotel & Villas offers lakeside serenity and luxurious villas with fully equipped kitchens. Guests can relax by the pool, play a round of tennis, or enjoy water sports on the lake. The resort’s Smack DAB restaurant serves delicious local cuisine.

Wellness and Relaxation at Sparkling Hill Resort

Overview: Located a short drive from Kelowna, Sparkling Hill Resort is a wellness-focused retreat. The resort’s signature feature is its crystal-shaped spa, which offers a wide range of treatments and therapies. The stunning Swarovski crystal dĂ©cor adds an extra layer of opulence.

Secluded Luxury at The Royal Private Residence Club

Overview: The Royal Private Residence Club offers secluded luxury with its spacious suites and private balconies overlooking Okanagan Lake. Guests have access to a fitness center, swimming pool, and can enjoy a leisurely stroll along the Waterfront Park nearby.

Lakeside Grandeur at The Delta Hotels by Marriott Kelowna Hotel & Conference Centre

Overview: The Delta Hotels by Marriott Kelowna Hotel & Conference Centre combines lakeside grandeur with modern amenities. Guests can unwind at the rooftop pool, dine at OAK + CRU Social Kitchen & Wine Bar, and explore nearby wineries and golf courses.

Tranquil Oasis at A Vista Villa Couples Retreat

Overview: A Vista Villa Couples Retreat is an adults-only boutique hotel offering a tranquil oasis for couples. Each suite is uniquely themed, and guests can enjoy the private courtyard with a hot tub. The property is close to downtown Kelowna’s attractions.

Immersive Wine Experience at The Vibrant Vine

Overview: The Vibrant Vine offers an immersive wine experience with its winery accommodations. Guests can stay in a vineyard suite surrounded by lush grapevines, take part in wine tastings, and explore the art-filled wine cellar.


Kelowna’s luxury hotels redefine the art of hospitality, offering travelers a taste of opulence amidst the region’s natural beauty. From lakeside elegance to wellness-focused retreats, these hotels provide a range of experiences that cater to the most discerning guests. Whether you’re savoring local cuisine with a view of Okanagan Lake or indulging in spa treatments surrounded by Swarovski crystals, Kelowna’s luxury hotels promise an unforgettable stay in this Canadian gem.

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